In Between


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I bought this sweater at Target on Sunday. Not only is it yellow (my favorite color), but my aunt reminded me that ‘Poderosa’ is a word all the women in my family call each other. It means powerful + I’ve heard it for years. I somehow forgot.
I’ve been struggling with some work stuff the last few weeks. This morning however, I decided that I would be powerful. As I put on this sweater I decided that today would be a day that powerful decisions would be made.
The minute I left my office + decided to let go, I received the email I had been praying for.
God does not disappoint. I asked + I received ten fold. Charreah K. Jackson encouraged us the other day to allow God to wow you. With tears in my eyes as I type this, I am wowed + so grateful 🙌🏽
Team BELLA Magazine in 2022, here we go 💪🏽