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A Dog Named Blue + The Power Of Social Media

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So the story begins with Edwin Devia who started a Go Fund Me Campaign 8 days ago:

“Hey everyone. I found this guy roaming the streets of Newark. Hungry, alone, cold, and thirsty. He would walk up to kids wagging his tail and they would just run away in fear. I walked up to him and he had this sadness in his eyes as if to say ‘why doesn’t anyone want me’ ? It took almost an hour for him to trust me enough to get into my truck. I already have two dogs and if I had the room I’d keep him. I dropped him off at the Newark shelter.  I found out later that they have an 80% kill rate if the dog doesn’t get adopted quickly.  He’ll be up for adoption in 7 days. This money is for his check up, shots, neutering, adoptions fees, some food, doggy food and water bowls, a leash and some treats.  I’m trying my best to find him a forever home and with your help it can be done!”

The campaign was shared +7.5K times.

Through Facebook… it reached my best friend in the Dominican Republic who tagged me on the post. I saw his face, then read ‘they have 80% kill rate at this shelter if the dog doesn’t get adopted quickly’…my heart sank.

I knew I had to do something, even if it was just to help get him home.

The next day I called the shelter (just like 3oo+ people) and asked if he was still there. They told me he was and I set out to visit “Chance,” as Edwin had named him. I found out he had not been claimed and that he would legally go up for adoption in a few days. He seemed strong, very strong and sad… Anxious to get outside and soooo sweet.

He had me at first glance. I then started working him into my home. I showed his picture to my husband and kids and thought that Blue would be a cool name because his coat looks navy blue. Tomás (my 7 year old son) came home from school that day and said that if we got him, we should name him “Blue” Coincidence? I beg to differ.

I was concerned about his size and most importantly, his demeanor around my kids…my gut kept telling me however that adopting him would be the right thing to do.

Pictured: Edwin, Blue, Vanessa, My kids and Olga

Pictured: Edwin, Blue, Me, My kids and Olga

Thank you Edwin for not turning away from him. Thank you for taking the time to get the word out and thank you to everyone  who shared and donated to the campaign.

Please take a look below at what social media has done!


If you’re considering getting a pet, please visit your local shelter. For more information on where to rescue your first or next fur-baby, go HERE! To donate, go HERE!

Blue came home today. He is beyond beautiful and such a good boy! Larissa (who has spent several years rescuing animals in our native DR) I am forever grateful for the virtual nudge! I think Blue rescued us too.