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We All Have a First

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Yesterday, at a workshop for The Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms, we were graced with Melissa McDowell’s blogging expertise. As a blogging enthusiast myself, the information was exciting because I love sharing my love for blogging, specially to my ETTMoms!

Blogging, vlogging, getting yourself and your business ‘out there’…the common thread at last night’s workshop was fear.

Seeking reassurance from other people is a dead end.

Reassurance needs to be found from within you, not from others.

We all have to start somewhere.

We all have a first! You cannot run without walking first. You start by turning on your belly, then you build up your muscles to army crawl, then you crawl…eventually you walk and then run.

To get here, I had to start somewhere… and so much has changed since 2009. Here’s a look back at all my firsts:

1. My first piece of jewelry (featured in the post above)

2. My First ‘professional’ headshot (my husband took that pic)


3. My first blog post

Mommypreneuring is serious business…

As if being a stay-@-home-mom wasn’t overwhelming enough…here I go, starting my own business.

The last year has been an amazing one. Hard, but truly amazing. In between diaper changes, teething and wire-wrapping I’ve managed to be mom, wife and jewelry maker…and still kinda keep it “together”.

I cannot complain or take for granted one second of the ride. I’ve been blessed with a healthy baby boy, a supportive husband, and a jewelry business that has allowed me to express the creative being within me.

Many sleepless nights, cuts on both hands, burns from glue guns and yes…bottles and sniffles…helped create enV by Vanessa Coppes.

This path has allowed me to discover that women really are superwomen. That yes, we can do it all…and still manage to put on lipstick (some days).

The most important recognition has been that dreams do come true. If you really work at it, and are honest (with yourself and others) every step of the way, your efforts will be rewarded.

I know I knew this and more before…but when you are inspired and your spirit is uplifted in the sweetest way… you feel capable of holding the world in your hands.

4. My first VLOG (video blog) You can also watch here:

So my friends, take the leap of faith, put your message out there, let yourself be seen. How else are you going to help all the people who are out there waiting for your awesomesauce ?

BTW: I finished the FIRST draft of my FIRST book!!! Scared? Totally! Excited? Even more so! My goal is to have it ready for sale at my FIRST business conference. I hope you will join me on this journey: