2013 Hurdles, Lessons and Rebooting

Reflecting upon the year that has gone by and the new one that is to come…I am feeling like my son did the night before Christmas: extremely excited!

2013 brought with it trials, errors, sweat, tears…but it also brought a heck of a lot of laughter and blessings! I have gotten very good at what I call “Flipping the Funk” and I hope that you too, practice finding the upside of everything that you encounter. You will find that navigating life that way becomes more pleasant.

Everything…every curve ball, every person, every mistake, every triumph…EVERYTHING holds a lesson for ourselves and for someone else. How beautiful it is to experience life as a bottomless pit of knowledge and opportunities to try again and do it better.

The hurdles are part of the journey. The lessons, our exercise in personal development. The rebooting, how cool that you get the opportunity to do it every single day and you also get to choose the attitude with which you do it.

I would love for you to give yourself the opportunity to wake up hopeful, curious, enlightened, centered. It’s why I created  this amazing tool to help get you going.

Here’s to a FABULOUS 2014!

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