15 Things To Do/Bring to a Craft Fair/Show

The time for craft fairs/shows is almost here. They are a great way to build a local following and secure repeat business. 
So what do you bring along with you?
I get asked this question a lot by up and coming designers and artist, so I thought I’d share the most important things I have learned so you too can have a successful event:
1) At least 2 chairs,
2) Tape.
3) Depending on the space 2-3 tables.
4) Signs with your information.
5) Business cards and promotional materials.
6) Mobile Credit Card processing system (7 out of 10 customers in craft shows will pay with CC and buy more if you offer this solution).
7) Cash Change 
8) Wipes.
9) Anti-Bacterial Soap (you will be shaking a lot of hands and handling cash).
10) Trash Bags.
11) Mirror.
12) Calculator
13) Same packaging you would use in your store or when you ship directly to customers (this makes great impression because you are giving your customer the security that wherever you are, they will receive the same quality of products and service).
14) Friendly, proactive help
15 YOU…it’s  your product and your future customers are looking for you. It’s a great experience when people get to meet the artist behind the brand.
I hope these tips help you plan ahead and I wish you successful sales!
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