5 Habits That Can Ruin A First Impression on PIX 11

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Thank you @pix11news for having our EIC @vanessacoppes on LIVE breaking down 5 habits that can ruin a first impression đź“ş

The business world has become much more relaxed over the years -and that’s  a fabulous thing! However -in some instances- it might not be as accepting as you think. People still make judgments on the basis of first impressions. People looking to partner, hire, or buy from you will carefully dissect you. The deeper the engagement or commitment at hand, the more they will want to know. It may not be fair (or even conscious), but some of our habits can trigger an adverse reaction.


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  1. Chewing gum. You may like the taste and the motion, but chewing gum while meeting someone gives an impression of immaturity.
  2. Excessive texting. When meeting people, if you can’t stop looking at your phone, or responding, you are sending a signal that you find no one more important than yourself. Try to be present in the moment, which has more value than you believe.
  3. Complaining. If you are always seeing the glass half empty, you are projecting that you are a dissatisfied human being. No one wants to work with an unhappy person. Happiness IS a  choice and you can shift the way you see things. 
  4. Self Rambling. A good story about how and why you got started in business can always be entertaining. But when it turns into a continual droning about nothing but you, it will send others running for the door as soon as they can.
  5. Body odor. Like bad breath, you may be unaware, and people struggle with telling you. Solution? Take showers, use deodorant, and wash your clothes. Also, use perfume with caution. Aromizing BO only makes it worse.