In Between

God, Show Me What You Got!

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When we walk into a room, our energetic state of being can be communicated before we say a word. If we’re coming from love, everyone feels it. And if we’re feeling resentful, edgy, sad or preoccupied, everyone can feel that, too. Silently, our energy speaks + our thoughts, feelings and intentions ripple out into the world.

Our capacity to affect others with our energy is both a gift and a responsibility. We have the power to choose how we show up and interact in this world. When we choose to come from compassion, peace, and unity, we become a powerful force for good …

Although I’ve been met with quite a few challenges this week, last night in prayer I literally said out loud, “Ok God, show me what you got!”

When you let go + let what’s meant to be be… you’ll be in awe of the grace you’ll bring into every aspect of your life. Let God wow you. I am so grateful I did just that.