In Between

It’s never been about me. It’s always been about the work we do.

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After sharing this email with him, my husband wrote me back, “What you do matters.” I cannot begin to express what this means to me. The reality is sometimes I wonder, I doubt, I’m afraid … but ultimately -with every cell in my body- I work really hard and make a lot of sacrifices, to lead a team + stay the course: to remain obedient.

It’s never been about me. It’s always been about what we do because it makes an impact in an industry that continues to set unattainable standards of reality + humanity.

Thanking God for not letting me falter + continue to use our platforms to do what is right.

Thank you AG for this + sharing your little angel with me. Thank you @vsantora73 for connecting me to this group + believing that my work has value.

Thank you + @BELLALatinaMag team for all the work you do even when it sounds bonkers 🫶🏽

Check this out @sofia_morales_l , @showtimewerner + @grace_strobel 💛💙


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