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BELLA Magazine: Mind, Body + Spirity Issue, 2022

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As many things do in my life + biz, the concept of this issue came to me in a dream … it is a very personal edition of BELLA Magazine because it explores topics highlighted as featured stories that cover the Mind, Body + Spirit ✨ we’ve never done that before ✨
It is also a tribute to my father + his influence on my unwavering faith 🙌🏽
I couldn’t be prouder of this beautiful masterpiece graced by Gabby Bernstein, a New York Times Bestselling author, motivational speaker, spiritual leader, and podcast host … you’ll also read about the impact Kelly Gores is making through her powerful film Heal Documentary + Sarah Jakes Roberts through her spiritual journey + speaking 💛
My heart is literally on every page of this very special issue, preorder your copy now at 🦋