In Between

How Your Energy Affects Your Life and Business

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“The economy is terrible.” “I haven’t made a sale in weeks.” “My job sucks.” If you can relate to even 1 of these statements, I am sorry to say that you have become a victim of your own negative thinking.

Have you ever considered that maybe the only thing stopping you from having a life and business you love is precisely that, negative thinking?

Let’s get real: It’s not the lack of resources or the ‘uncool’ mom you had as a kid or the other excuses we use to justify for not having the life we want.

We all have reasons to feel bad at any time during our day. I get it, circumstances change for better or for worse in a flow of events. Naturally, we react to those circumstances just as we’ve been taught to by our families and friends.

Now you may be wondering: Does my reaction matter?

Your reaction is energy and energy is everything. Everything you see, sit on, feel–the sun on your face, your kid’s laughter, your morning jog, prayer, a great kiss…it is all source energy, from where everything and everyone originated.

You are made up of this same energy, and its frequency can be raised or lowered according to your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Therefore, the frequencies you send out attract similar frequencies. What you put out, you receive…make sense?

Each of us has an energy sequence: negative on the bottom, positive on top.

Positive energy includes: our brilliance, goodness, divinity, inspiration, love, passion, optimism, happiness and joy (our connectedness).

Negative energy includes: our anger, depression, sadness, guilt, pessimism, sense of lack -not just from others, but from our source energy.

We go up and down on this sequence everyday, depending on our circumstances. We may think or say, “If only I had X, I could be or do X.” The ultimate joke being that if we get happy, our circumstances will change to meet us.

Moving up on your energy sequence by shifting your energy to a higher frequency and opening up to source energy connects you to your inspiration, spirituality and goodness. It changes your life immediately!

From the low end of your energy sequence you can’t even think about doing things you love, let alone muster up the energy to go out and find it.

From the high-end of your energy sequence, you’ll get new ideas, tap into your light and inspiration, connect with the people you need to see, and get into the flow of positive energy that guides you through your dream life.

So, how do you flip the funk?

The first step is catching yourself and redirecting your thoughts. Use positive affirmations every time you notice yourself thinking negatively. I love these:

  • I am.
  • My life is abundant.
  • Wonderful opportunities are coming into my life today.
  • Today is a great day because I opened my eyes.

I am notorious for using humor to approach difficult situations. It is also a very effective way to raise your energy sequence making you better able to respond to any situation.

I hope these tips help elevate you today because remember, YOU and only YOU are responsible for the energy you bring into any space.

Here’s to living fabulously Chica!

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